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our new tree…

I was shopping the other day, when I came across this little tree, tucked in the corner of a store.

Do you recognize it?  It’s the Charlie Brown Christmas tree!  And it’s absolutely perfect.  I am a big Charlie Brown fan & in particular, I look forward to the Christmas special every year.

I kinda have a thing for Christmas trees.  We have them all over our home.  I love sitting in a quiet room, lit only by the soft glow of all the Christmas lights.  Give me a cup on peppermint hot chocolate to go with it & I am one happy girl.

Each tree in our home has it’s own significance.  Adam & I bought our main tree the first year we were married & let me tell you – it still looks good to this day!  That first year, I had the tree decorated very classy with white lights & burgundy & gold accents.  Since then, our tree has become a color spectacular, adorned with the kids’ ornaments made in school or at home.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The kids each have a tree in their room, decorated with ornaments they’ve received every year since they were born.  Adam & I give them an ornament each year that in some way commemorates something special that happened during the year or reflects on an interest or hobby.  This year, we gave Ava a Cubs ornament (she’s a huge fan, much to her daddy’s dismay…), Garrett got a Star Wars ornament (his backpack theme) & Grady received a Toy Story ornament (Buzz is his hero!).

So, what is significant about our little Charlie Brown addition?

When we look at this tree, my family will always remember what Christmas is really about.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I rejoice with you as we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.


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a new child in His family

Ava accepted Christ yesterday.

It was such a cool mommy/daughter moment!  She has been asking me for a while now more questions about Jesus & in particular, inquiring more about communion.

Yesterday, she & I sat on the guest room bed & I talked to her about it all.  I explained to her what communion means & what it symbolizes (then I had to describe what a symbol is!).  We talked about the ABCs of faith…Admit, Believe & Choose.  And we talked about living our lives in a way that allows Christ’s light & love to shine through us.

After I finished explaining everything & after she felt satisfied with my answers to her questions, I told her when she was ready to ask Jesus to be her leader & friend, then I’d be here waiting for her (well, not here as in “sitting on the guest room bed  ;)).  I told her it doesn’t have to be right now, but whenever she feels ready.  It was so important to me that she not feel pressured in any way.  This decision was her’s alone & I wanted her to own it.

She looked at me, and her voice dropped real low as she whispered, “I’m nervous.”  I asked her why & she said she was afraid of having to pray in front of the whole churh.  Poor thing!  I laughed just a bit & I told her that this is something that she & I would do together privately with God.

She crawled on to my lap & said she was ready & wanted to pray.  We did & hearing her sweet voice was an absolute joy to my heart.  Afterward she gave me a huge hug – probably the biggest one I’ve ever got from her!

She is so excited to take communion on Sunday & I’m excited for her.

I love you baby girl.  I’ll always remember this decision you made & how honored I am to have shared the moment with you.  And as precious as you are to me, you are all the more precious to Him.

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