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Okay, it’s not really grocery shopping…

We all went to Home Depot the other day to pick up some flowers & things for the house. First of all, I have to say that Home Depot gets the gold star for best carts. It’s fun for the kids & leaves me plenty of room for my goods.

I had Ava & Garrett in my cart & Grady was in Adam’s cart. All of a sudden Ava goes, “Let’s race.” Instantly, Adam glanced back & began taunting us with his challenging grin. I was already too far behind him & knew it would be futile to try to catch him…at that moment. So, I told Ava, “No, I don’t think we should race right now.”

By now Ava & Garrett were excited. “Come on Mommy, you can beat Daddy!

And then we got another challenging look from Daddy.

“We’ll race later,” was my reply. And then I told my husband that I’d clip the back of his heels with my cart if he didn’t stop teasing us!

Now, if you know me, you get that there is just no way that I won’t step up to the challenge. So, I instantly began strategizing. We made it down to one end of the store & had to turn around. I knew this was my moment!

“Hey honey, look at these cool rocks. What do you think they’re for?”

It worked like a charm. He stopped to examine them & while he was in the middle of his theory, I quickly passed him with my cart.

Ava: “We’re winning!”

Me: “Yes we are!!”

Adam: “Kelly be careful, you’re about to drop your phone.”

Oh, he is so sneaky! And I fell for it!! I slowed down enough to glance down, only to realize it was a tactic he used to try to pass me.

I was left with only one option. I will say that I’m not proud of my decision, but hey, my kids wanted to win the race.

I quickly turned my cart to the left to block him. It worked, but then both of our carts went into a floor display & we almost took down a worker. (Don’t you just love the example we set for our kids – yikes!) We both quickly offered our apologies & then continued on.

You’d think at this time one of us would have had the sense to stop this silly race. Wrong! I kept my cart in the middle of the aisle so he couldn’t pass us & Mommy’s cart made it to the end of the store first.

Ava & Garrett cheered & I smiled. Adam was a good sport & Grady had no idea what just happened, but laughed anyway.

It was fun, but I don’t think my husband & I are allowed to shop together anymore!


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Here You Go Aunt Karen!

My husband’s gonna kill me…

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A Special Find

I was at our church garage sale this past weekend & received a delightful surprise.

My mom used to have a picture by Margaret Kane hanging in our house. There is something so sweet & innocent about this picture – I just love it.

I took it with me to college & after I graduated, it disappeared. No one remembers donating it or throwing it out. I was really disappointed, but moved on. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I was at the garage sale wandering around & happened to look down at one point. Low & behold, there before my very eyes was the picture…for 50ยข!

I was so excited – I couldn’t believe it!

And, just so you know…

I’m pretending that it’s the very same picture that we used to have in our house – that sounds way cooler!

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Souvenir Time!

Here are a couple of fun pics of Ava’s treasures from Cancun:

As I mentioned before, we love painting while we’re there & have accumulated quite a collection over the years. Ava painted all of these. They have an artist who adds the detail (the black lines & white swirls), but the color choice & painting is all her. I was really impressed!


Here, we have a butterfly that she painted for her room and a car for Garrett:

Here is a fish for Grady & a plate for Adam & me:

A collection of starfish & a conch shell:

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She’s Back!

My beach baby is now home!

She had a wonderful time & hasn’t stopped talking about her trip all weekend.

She was so excited when she saw us – especially her brothers. It was funny, you could tell from the look in her eyes that she didn’t know who to hug first!

So, she definitely got her daddy’s skin. I could go to Cancun for a month & still come back pasty – thank goodness for self tanner! She does though, have a few freckles around her nose – she gets that from me. Her hair looks really cute too!

btw – I gotta love my mom. She sent her home with a suitcase full of clean clothes. Woo-hoo, less laundry for me! Thanks Mom!!

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Coming Home

We go get Ava from the airport this evening!

It’s been 13 days since she left – wow! We talked again last night & she is having so much fun. I have missed her, but it’s been easier having her away knowing that she is not homesick. Also, my parents make sure that she talks with us every night. When Adam spoke with her, he asked if she was ready to come home & she paused before replying, “Not quite yet.” I don’t blame her. I know I’d have a hard time coming back to!

Grady was looking at her picture yesterday & going, “Aba! Aba!” I can’t wait to see the boys reaction when they see her. She was very excited about the presents she got them. I love that she remembers to do little special things like that for her brothers.

Ava said she got her hair braided with pink & purple beads. I bet it looks really cute. I’m also curious if she tanned at all. If she’s like me, she may get a very faint one. I rarely tan – I typically burn, so I always glop on the SPF 45. Adam, on the other hand, gets darker pretty quickly – so we’ll see which one of us she takes after!

This made me laugh. She told me that last night she had so much “yummy” dessert. I asked her what it was & she goes, “chocolate pudding, vanilla milkshake, a brownie & a cookie.” She also had a lime daiquiri – virgin of course. Oh my word! Sorry baby girl, the best I can offer you here is a Fudgcicle.

I can’t thank my parents enough for taking Ava on this special trip. I know they made lots of fun memories together that she will cherish.

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Our Piano

Adam & his friend, Dave, went to Rockford to pick up our piano this past weekend.

This is the piano I learned to play on. My parents said they no longer needed it & when they asked us if we wanted it, I was overjoyed!!

I loved pulling out my old songbooks this week to sing & play. My fingering is pretty rusty, but that’s what practice is for, right? I always loved “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Beauty and the Beast.” I played them all the time! When I opened the books & sat down to play, I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up again. It kinda felt like riding a bicycle – you never really forget how to do it.

When I talked with Ava last night, I told her that Adam & I would teach her to play. She was very excited. The boys on the other hand, just enjoy getting their hands on the keys – ouch! Garrett will bang play & say, “Look Mommy! I play music!”

I love getting lost in music – it’s a great escape for me. I also love praying to music. I find that it’s in those times that I am really open. I don’t focus so much on the words of my prayers, so they flow much easier. It’s one of the best ways I keep in tune with God.

Anyone else out there like to play?

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