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it’s not easy being green…

…but it sure is fun!

Ava & I went to a Mommy/Daughter birthday party for one of her best friends last week.  We had the choice of getting either a manicure or having our toenails painted.

I NEVER paint my nails.  I had a french manicure for our wedding & have put on color a handful of times since then.  Between taking care of kids & home, I found that my nail polish would start chipping within hours of putting it on, so I never really saw the point.

However, I told Ava she could pick out any color she wanted me to wear.

HA!  She picked out a “Rock Star” Manicure.  She knew green was my favorite color, so it was her selection for me.  She went with blue for her own nails & they look adorable.  It’s funny…the older I get, the less seriously I take myself.  You don’t get too many opportunities to rock out nail color with your daughter, so I’m enjoying it.  Right now, if it makes my kids smile, then I’m in.

The color is supposed to last 2-3 weeks.  I think there are about 3 layers of gel on them & the color was set with UV lighting.  Even dish washing hasn’t affected these babies.

So, for the next few weeks I’ll be glittering green.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!!  🙂


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hero [heer-o], noun

1.  a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

2.  a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

3.  Ava, Garrett & Grady’s daddy.

awwwww, isn’t that sweet?

Well, before the ponies finish skipping through the meadow, let me explain what it means to wear the “hero” badge in our home.   I’ve detailed some sentimental reasons why Adam is a hero to our kids.  Now, for the down & dirty side.  With the title of “hero” comes much responsibility:

  • You must endure wearing earrings, necklaces & rings while playing “Pretty Pretty Princess” with your daughter (while your wife is mercilessly snapping your photo).
  • You must withstand when your son farts in your lap & resist the urge to push him off.  Instead, you will nod in understanding as he looks up at you & giggles, “Daddy, I did gas.”
  • You WILL find a way to make a snowman out of mere flurries & then let the snowman wear your scarf.

And the ultimate test of bravery…

You must consume & stomach Garrett’s concoctions

Garrett loves making things.  He enjoys going through cookbooks & figuring out how to duplicate what he sees in the photos.  The other day, he was browing the “Beverage” section & voila, inspiration hit.  He eagerly rummaged through our refrigerator because he, Garrett Adam David, wanted to make something special for his Daddy.

The next series of events is best told through pictures (and, oh yes, I enjoyed every moment!!!!)

The Process

I honestly have no idea what he put in there.  I believe it’s a mixture of maraschino cherry juice, apple juice, and whatever was on his hands as he crushed up cherries & apples with his fists.  The syringe just cracks me up – perfect for this little experiment!


Or should we say “cupping?”  He asked me for an umbrella to put in the drink.  Unfortunately, I was out.  However, I will award him bonus points for his attempt at creative display.  Be sure to check out the unsuspecting victim hero in the background!

The Serve

Here is where our hero actively enters our story.  He must not let himself be fooled by that sweet smile.  For he knows that just about anything can be that deceptively friendly looking cup.

The Assessment

Ahhh, look how smart our hero is.  Watch how he cleverly utilizes his sense of smell to decipher what the heck is in that cup.

The Moment of Truth

At this point, our hero must choose.  Will he rise to the occasion?  All he can do is put on a brave face & smile pretty for the camera.  Bottoms up baby!

The Consumption (part 1)

Uh-oh!  From the look in our hero’s eyes, we know it’s bad.  But check out that determination!

The Consumption (part 2)



Our hero has emerged victorious & is able to look his little boy in the eyes to tell him how much he liked his “special treat.”  (I love the way Garrett has his arm on Adam’s shoulder!)

The Second Moment of Truth

He did it!

One question…

Do you have what it takes to be a Newton hero?

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Hi, my name is Kelly & I’m a Peyton Manning fan.

Before my husband has a heart attack & thinks that I have turned from his beloved Bears, let me clarify…I consider myself a Manning fan, not a Colts fan.  So, I root for the Bears, but at the same time, enjoy it when Manning does well too.  😉

When the Bears & Colts played each other in the Superbowl a few years back, I was torn!  I wanted the Bears to win, but I also wanted Manning to win a Superbowl.  Whenever people talk about Dan Marino, you hear how he was an amazing quarterback, who set all these incredible records, but never achieved that football crown – Superbowl champ.  I did not want Manning to share in the same story.  There is no way anyone can deny that this guy is one of the best qbs of all time.  So, that year, I cheered for both and was happy for Manning when his team won.

Since Manning was going back to the Superbowl this year (and not playing against the Bears), I asked my husband for the unthinkable…could I buy a Manning jersey to wear for the game?

He was quiet.

I mean, the ONLY team he cheers for is the Bears.

But, he said yes!!!

Even better, he said he would like to buy it for me (WOW!).

Well, Adam spent all last week trying to find a jersey, but the best he could come up with was one that cost $60.

By Friday morning, he passed the baton to me.  He tried, but if I wanted a jersey, then I’d need to find it.

He had one condition…I had to find a jersey for $30.

I spent all of Friday driving around the area trying to find a jersey.  But, the best I did was see one for $85.  Apparently, we here in Chicago only sell Chicago gear and the occasional Packers item.

At that point, my stubbornness & resolve had kicked in – one way or another I was going to get a jersey.

So, I did what any other Manning fan would do…

Friday night, I put the kids in the minivan (Adam was out with some buddies), and drove to Indiana.

That’s right…

I drove to Indiana.

It was there, on a snowy evening, that I completed my quest.

For just over the stateline, in Hammond, IN, was a Walmart which sold Manning jerseys…for $30.***


I thought the game was great.  I was disappointed that Manning did not win last night.  But, he does have a Superbowl ring already, so I’m not heartbroken.  And hey, the Saints just one their first Superbowl in their franchise history!

A funny moment from our IN trip:

When I told the kids we were going to Indiana they were soooo excited!

When we got there, they were soooo disappointed!

1.  The kids thought that Indians lived in Indiana.  We didn’t see any Indians.

2.  They couldn’t believe we traveled so far just to go to Walmart.  They had a hard time understanding why we had to drive 1 hour to a Walmart when there is one 5 minutes from our house.


***Under the guidelines of our agreement, I had to find a jersey for $30.  Gas cost was not factored into this figure.  So, when we add the amount of gas I spent driving to Indiana to the price of my jersey, Adam probably could have bought the $60 jersey & we would have had a wash.  But, then I wouldn’t have a fun story to tell!

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The kids had Tuesday off this week.  I thought we’d try something new, so we went bowling!

I had a wee bit of trouble making it to the alley.  Like, oh…I think I’d say 35 minutes of trouble.  The alley is located right off the expressway, but you have to take a street that winds around toward it.  I kept missing the street.  Yeah, for 35 minutes.

But, make it to the alley we did!  I had a coupon for buy one game get one free, so I got the kids & I two games each.  20 frames is a bit much for a 3 year old, so Grady & I did quite a bit of bowling together.

The first game was cosmic bowling.  Have you ever experienced this?  They turn the lights off in the alley, but the bowling balls illuminate, so it was very cool.

They put the lights back on during our second game because it was league practice time.  So, we were flanked on either side by high school girls who could BOWL.  I found the entire situation quite comical.  In the midst of girls who were bowling turkeys like it was Thanksgiving, was a mom whose goal is to score 100, her three kids with their bumpers & the bowling alley assistant who constantly visited our lane because the boys didn’t always throw roll the ball hard enough to make it all the way down the alley.

Here a couple of random pics from our afternoon…

Ava getting ready to let it fly!

Garrett showing me how strong he is.

Grady was so funny…he’d bowl one frame with his right hand & the next with his left.  I think his fingers are still in bowling-mode!

Garrett loved the foul line.  He start his “walk” all the back by the ball dispenser, run up to the line & literally stop dead in his tracks before plopping the ball down the alley.

He reminds me so much of his Uncle Brandon!  Here he is, dancing after a good roll.

Ava snapped this shot of me.

Awesome afternoon – looking forward to our next game!!!

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proverbs 1

We got a new challenge in church yesterday.  The book of Proverbs consists of 31 chapters & there are typically 31 days in a month.  So, we are to read the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month.  Today is February 1st (convenient, eh?), so we are to read Proverbs 1.

My pastor, Dennis, is posting something he learned from the reading each day on his blog & I think that is fantastic!  It not only gives us daily insight, but also lets us participate in the conversation.  Two things hit me this morning from Proverbs 1.  I figured I should only post one on his blog (don’t want to be a comment hog – ha!).  But, I thought I’d post the other one here.

I was struck by verses 8 & 9:

“Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction
and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

They will be a garland to grace your head
and a chain to adorn your neck.”

I pray this for our kids all the time.  Adam & I do the best we can to teach them how to make wise decisions.  Do you remember the show “Dora the Explorer”?  Dora has a backpack that always has whatever item she needs to either solve a problem or get her & her buddy Boots out of a jam.

I like to think of the things we teach our kids in a similar way.  Every time I explain a “why” or whenever I praise or correct a choice they’ve made, it’s like I’m putting another item in their “backpack.”

I only get to hold their hand for a while & it scares me sometimes to think of all the paths they could take that could lead them astray.  I hope they’ll befriend people who will offer beneficial kinds of peer pressure.  But, I understand there will be instances when they’ll be tempted to either do or try something they shouldn’t.

It’s in those those moments, when they find themselves choosing between two paths, that I pray they’ll have something to pull out of that “backpack.”  Something that not only equips, but empowers them to make a wise decision even when I’m not standing there beside them.

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