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Florida Pics


Whoo boy!  Well, it took a while, but I finally got my pics organized.

The album details our 4 days in Florida.  We spent the first day at SeaWorld, the second day at DisneyWorld, headed back to SeaWorld for Day 3 & concluded our trip at DisneyWorld on Day 4.

We did a lot of cool things at SeaWorld.  The kids LOVED feeding the dolphins.  It’s amazing the way the dolphins feel & they are so sweet.  We enjoyed a sea lion/sea otter show & the dolphin show.  Garrett especially loved seeing Shamu.  As many of you know, I’m a huge animal lover.  Watching the trainers interact with the animals & seeing their love for them was awesome.  What a cool opportunity!!

We had a blast at DisneyWorld.  The boys got to meet their hero, Buzz Lightyear & Miss Ava Grace got to spend time with her favorite princess, Snow White.  And hey, Grady got his first kiss (from a Disney princess!).  There are lots of pics of the kids on rides.  The ones of us on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” are priceless – the kids were both enthralled and scared at the same time!  We enjoyed watching the fireworks both evenings in front of Cinderella’s Palace.  We concluded our trip with tickets to “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.”  The kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes & trick-or-treat around the park.  It was so much fun!!

Adam & I shared the camera duty & between the two of us, we really captured some special moments.

So, without further ado…

Here you go – enjoy!!!

Florida Trip 2009


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Well, I finally finished going through all our pics from our trips – there were over 400 of them!!

I’m through deleting, now I’m in the process of resizing them (it makes uploading a lot faster).

Unfortunately, I still don’t have my computer back yet, so I’m working with a different photo program than what I’m used to.

All that to say…

I have everything up by Monday – I promise!!

: )

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where’d you go?

Las Vegas & Orlando!

We spent the last two weeks vacationing as a couple & a family.

Some of my friends are really good about scheduling posts while they’re away.  Alas, I am not.  But, I have little trip stories to post throughout the week.

I’d like to say I’ll put up pics too.  However, I’ve been using a loaner computer for the past two weeks, as my mac is in the shop…AGAIN.  Unfortunately, the loaner doesn’t have all my programs, so I may have to wait until my mac is back in my arms again.

Now, it’s back to reality…and a lot of laundry!!

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funny of the day…

snowwhiteI just posted this on my facebook status, and thought all my non-facebooking family & friends might enjoy a little laugh from my blog…


“Dwarfs”…such a tricky little word.  Especially for Garrett.  This morning, I got to hear all about “Snow White and the Seven Whores.”

Such appropriate timing considering our upcoming trip to Disney World!

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