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the fort

Slept on the couch last night.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking… 😉

The kids decided to put together a “little” fort yesterday.  Normally, forts aren’t a big deal…a few kitchen chairs with a blanket awkwardly draped over the top.

However, the kids have since upped their game…they’ve now involved their daddy.

No more sagging fort roof, oh no!  They rearranged the family room furniture, brought down the comforters from their beds & built their “best” fort yet.  I think the thing even had separate wings for each kid!

I must admit, they did a good job!

Ava was away for the night, so the boys had the fort to themselves.  When they asked if they could sleep in it, I just couldn’t say no.  However, when they asked me to stay with them, I did hesitate.  So, we compromised – I slept on the couch & they slept in the fort.  They had the comfort of knowing I was nearby & I had something softer to sleep on besides the floor!

The fort is still together – I’ll let them enjoy it for another day.

Until then, we’ll make do sitting on the floor.  🙂


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Independence Day Baptism

My story…

I grew up in a Catholic home & was first baptized as a baby by my family.  As I grew, my parents nurtured in me, my faith in God.  God was always a central part of my life.  My family believed in Him, my friends believed in Him – in fact, I will go so far as to say every person I knew acknowledged God in some way, not only as Creator, but as Father.

Almost nine years ago, I was baptized as a believer.  It was a very small gathering, consisting of my husband, mother-in-law & pastor.  I chose to be baptized as an act of obedience & to outwardly express what I had known & believed in my heart throughout my life.

As the years went by, I must confess that I took it for granted that everyone believed in God.  I had heard the term “atheist” & “agnostic” before, but I never had any personal experiences with anyone who denied Christ.  However, since then I have met & loved those who do not share my faith.  My heart breaks for they do not know the hope the Lord provides & their choice will one day result in eternal separation from God…a thought I cannot bear.

At the same time, I have found that while a person’s denial or rejection of Christ causes a great sadness in me, it has not shaken my faith.  In fact, it has strengthened it & solidified for me who I serve, who I worship & who I live for.  I’m honored to share my testimony, and publicly declare my acceptance, love & belief in Christ Jesus, the Son of God who died for us while we were sinners, so we might be reconciled by faith with our Heavenly Father.  I love the privilege of making this declaration on Independence Day.  For I know that true independence from all we are slaves to, comes only through complete dependence on God.

Today, I am able to own this decision in a way I haven’t before & am rededicating my life to God.

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