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Happy Birthday Adam!

Today, is my husband’s special day!

I love old pictures.  I can sit for an entire day looking through old albums.  In church, we recently learned your direction determines your destination.  I like to apply this principle to pictures.  For me, photographs are like little markers that highlight moments in our life.  They are like dots that, when connected, create a line showing how we got where we are today.

So, what does this have to do with Adam’s birthday?

As I was looking for a photo to put up with this post, I came across this little gem.  So, it’s a boy in a Superman shirt.  Doesn’t just about every boy wear a superhero shirt at some point or another?  Big deal, right?  Well yes, actually, that is right.

Adam has this “superhero” quality about him.  He will go any distance & endure much for those he loves.  A recent example is my trip to Tennessee.  My parents watched the kids the first couple days I was gone.  Adam had them the last three days.  Adam has the privilege of being able to work from home.  But, it’s still distracting when you are trying to work while our kids, aka “the hurricane,” are running around the main level.  I don’t know too many men who would not only work from home, so they could watch the kids & at the same time have to take on the responsibilities of both “mom” and “dad,” so their wife can pursue a dream.  Pretty darn super if you ask me…

Our kids look up to their daddy – he is their superhero!  They look to him for direction & watch the choices he makes.  They absolutely, unconditionally love him.  They love the way he puts their toys together, they love that he chases them, they love the Beach Boys because he does, they love making pictures for him.  Throughout the month of December, Garrett would make Adam some sort of winter-themed project every day.  I’d pick him up from school & it was always the same routine.  He would hand me his papers one by one, and then ever so slowly, pull out the final piece.  He’d then reveal what he made & say, “This is for my dad.”

Adam, thank you for being such a super guy.  Not just with the big surprises, but in the little details too.  We were able to take two incredible vacations recently because of all your hard work.  Yet, you still take the time to help clean the kitchen and read to our kids.  We love you so much & hope this birthday is a memorable moment on your path.

Happy Birthday!!


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muffins with mom

This morning, Ava & I got to enjoy a muffin breakfast at her school.

The cafeteria was crowded & I found the fluorescent lighting a bit annoying at such an early hour.  But, the muffins were great!  I had blueberry & she had chocolate chip.  In actuality, she had more of a mess than a muffin because she was intent on picking out every chocolate morsel first.

So there we were, talking about her upcoming field trip, when her facial expression instantly changed & she said, “Mom, there he is.”


Now, I’ve heard her mention Lucas a few times because he is in her centers group.  But, this time was different.  There was a hint of excitement underneath the way she said his name.

“He likes me.”


All of a sudden, I started shooting off questions…”What do you mean he likes you?”, “Does he try to hold you hand?”, “Is he nice to you?”, “Do you like him?”.

I mean seriously, I know she’s only in 1st grade, but I have absolutely no idea what a 1st grade crush looked like anymore.  Whenever my girlfriends or I liked a boy, we would send the reliable “check the box ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if you like me” note.  These kids don’t bother with notes.  They, or rather, their friends, go over & just flat out ask.

She quickly grew tired of my interrogation & said, “Mom, let’s not waste our time together.”


“Besides,” she continued, “I don’t think you’re supposed to know.”


“No way,” I told her.  “You tell your mommy first whenever a boy likes you.”

So, from what I can gather…

1.  Lucas likes Ava.

2.  Ava likes Lucas.

3.  Lucas likes Ava because she’s cute.

4.  Ava doesn’t know why she likes Lucas.  She just does.

5.  Lucas likes to chase Ava at recess.

6.  Ava thinks Lucas is the funniest person she’s ever met.  But, this is not why she likes him.  She is extremely adamant on the fact that she doesn’t have a particular reason for liking him.

I’m glad we’re talking about it.  But, I don’t quite know what I should be saying to her.  I remember having a crush on a boy in 1st grade.  But when I hear Ava talk about it, all I can think is, she’s so young.

You know, Polly Pocket conversations are waaay easier…

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are you blogging anymore?

My husband is my biggest blog fan…and at this point, he may be my only reader.

He’s been gently suggesting for about two weeks that I put up a new post because he’s getting tired of seeing the little Charlie Brown tree.

Last night, he came up to bed and said, “You either need to post something new or take down your blog.  And by saying that, I mean you need to post something NEW!”

So…here we go.

I am currently working on a CD.  It’s my own personal project & something I’ve always wanted to do.  God has been pressing this on heart more strongly than ever and He’s continuing to open doors to make this project possible for me to complete.  Communication & music are both strong passions of mine.  So, I’m using them to not only fill a personal desire, but to fulfill something I believe He’s calling me to do.

Before I go any further, I think it’s important to clarify that I’m not looking for anything beyond this little project.  I’m not hoping to be signed or anything like that.  I just hope to influence people in a way that leads them to a hope that is bigger than themselves.  I believe in embracing whatever mission field God lays out before me.  Whether that is my home, my church or community is entirely up to Him.  I want to be responsible with the way He gifted me & use those those gifts in a way to glorify Him.

Also, this is something I’ll be able to show my kids & grandkids.  It’ll give me the opportunity to say if there is something you want to do, then you need to be proactive & go after it!

I made a few trips to Nashville this past year.  There are a few coaches I started working with who not only teach, but produce.  In fact, I spent the last week in Tennessee & I have to say, I’m blessed by the people I get to work with (and of course by Jim & Leslie, who always have a room available for me!!).

At first, only a handful of my closest family & friends knew what I’ve been up to.  Originally, I never really intended to share this with too many people.  However, over time, I’ve opened up more.  You see, there was this part of me that knew if I kept this to myself then it would be okay if I never completed it because no one would ever know.  But, then I realized that was awfully convenient, eh?  So, I’m sharing more about this season so I have people to hold me accountable.  I’m very grateful for the encouragement I’ve received & support I’ve been shown!  Also, I would reallllllly appreciate your prayers!

I haven’t been blogging much because most of my writing efforts have been focused on lyrics.  And for me…songwriting is hard!  I find that I use too many cliches & I can’t stand that.  However, I recently formed a new lyric partnership – my hubby!  He’s a fantastic writer & I think we make a great team.  And I love that this is something we get to do together.  We may need to work with someone else when it comes to instrumentation…we’ll see.  Hopefully, it will be someone local, but if not, I know there are session instrumentalists we can work with in Nashville.

So, there it is.  I’ll try to be more intentional about my blogging.  I guess now I have something new to talk about. 🙂

And once I start recording, I’ll definitely post my songs here.

Thanks so much for hanging in there & still journeying with me!

I love you all!!!

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