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resolution.jpgI have nothing against resolutions – I just have a terrible track record with them!

I always come out of the gate strong. January is an awesome month & I do a good job of sticking to my resolution. As soon as I pass my month celebration though, things start to taper off.

By mid March to early April I will sporadically do my resolution. By June I’m going, “oh no, I forgot to…” I hit the fall months & it’s all over.

As I was contemplating what resolution(s) I wanted to make this year, I kept coming back to the same question: 

What does it take to make a resolution stick?

Obviously, my success rate hasn’t been the greatest, so I decided to first examine why.

I discovered that throughout the years, I was lacking in one of the following areas:

  • Doable
  • Desire
  • Discipline
  • Dedication 


I’m a firm believer in setting yourself up to succeed – so choose something practical! For example, last year, my resolution was to drink eight glasses of water a day. Also, be realistic with your resolution – be careful with setting over-the-top expectations.


Sure, your resolution may sound nice, but do you really want it? Don’t make a resolution for the sake of making a resoluiton. Chances are, you’re just going to end up disappointing yourself.


I firmly believe you need this if you want to make something a part of your personal routine. You need to teach yourself self-control.


At first I thought this is pretty similar to discipline. However, discipline deals more with the action, while dedication is the heart behind it. You have to be completely & wholly commited to your resolution.


Happy New Year!!


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Time Together

couple.jpgWell, we’re getting closer to finishing our basement.

This week, my parents took the kids on Wednesday & kept them until Friday. This gave Adam & I the chance to work more efficiently, and the opportunity to enjoy some much needed time together!

Wednesday night, Adam & my mom met while I was at worship practice, to trade vehicles & cargo. Later that night, we went out for coffee (hot cocoa for me!) & dessert. I have to admit, it was so nice to enjoy conversation that wasn’t kid directed!

We spent the majority of Thursday working. We went out for breakfast – Panera of course! We then spent the day moving the kids playroom upstairs to their new room in the basement. We collected a lot of their older toys for donation & got rid of a lot of our clutter.

We listened to ABBA (yes, I like them), and laughed together a lot. I just love laughing with my husband. I have to tell you, he is the wittiest person I’ve ever met – it’s one of the things I love most about him!

That night, we did some light shopping & went out for dinner. Again, the time alone was so precious – it felt like we were dating again! I am often reminded in these moments how easy it is to take the little things in our relationship for granted. 

branch.jpgWe headed into Rockford on Friday to pick up the kids & to update all of their pictures. The drive up was beautiful – I absolutely love snow-covered branches! As we got closer to Rockford, the snow started coming down quite heavily & we were afraid of getting snowed in. It let up by evening though, & we came home after a nice dinner with my parents & my brother.

Thank you so much Mom, Dad & Brandon for watching the kids for us!

Have you guys recovered yet? 🙂

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“A Christmas Story” Anyone?


My Mom got Grady this coat.

He looked absolutely adorable in it.

There was only one slight problem…

He couldn’t stand up!

He kept falling over & everyone kept laughing because he looked just like Randy from “A Christmas Story!”

Don’t worry, you’ll grow into your coat Graders!

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Way to Go Uncle B!

Uncle Brandon got Garrett a Brian Urlacher jersey.

Garrett loved it (and so did Daddy)!

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Her Favorite!

This was Ava’s favorite gift this year – she wanted Moon Sand so badly!

She & Garrett play with it all the time & so far, clean-up hasn’t been too bad.

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Someone Was a Good Girl…

apple.jpgMy hubby got me a Mac!!!!

Adam, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. You are so incredibly wonderful & I love you very much!!!

I know I’m gushing…

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Our Christmas Eve “Service”

This year, our church had a Christmas Eve “Service.” Instead of having a service at church, we went out and served in our community.

My family brought cookies to a fire station to thank all the people there who faithfully serve us.

When I arrived, there was a sign that read:

Ring-Bell For Service

I paused and smiled. This was such a cool moment. Here, I was so supposed to ring a bell for someone to serve me. And instead, I stood on the other side of the door, wanting to serve them.

I had to take a picture of it!

This was such a joyful experience! There was a genuine look of appreciation on the man’s face when I gave him our box of cookies that I will never forget. Isn’t it amazing how small acts of kindness can mean so much to another person?

My prayer is that we go beyond serving during this Christmas season & continue to be a blessing to one another throughout the year.

Jesus was a servant. What better way to show His love to our world than to serve each other?

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