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FYI on Kelly

Good morning, Soup Nuts!

Kelly asked me to guest post today, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you a little about my beloved wife.  So here are some little known, yet interesting facts about the woman I call my wife:

1)  Kelly likes boiled cabbage.  Like, as a snack.  No kidding, she eats it as a snack with no salt or anything.

2)  When I saw her for the first time, she was cross-stitching at a Guys and Dolls audition.  Not exactly love at first sight, but I’m glad it all worked out.

3)  She has had 2 serious falls from high levels onto hard surfaces.  None on my watch, thank God.

4)  Kelly loves to learn.  She still has all of her textbooks from grade school.  I’ve told her about the internet, which is a pretty good place to go to research just about anything, but I guess you never know when a good 4th grade social studies textbook could come in handy.

5)  She makes me watch Xanadu.  I make her watch White Christmas.  Pretty even trade.

6)  Her favorite flower is a Stargazer.  Frequently available at Jewel at a reasonable price point.

7)  The most genuine person I know.

8)  Kelly is an extremely talented actress.  I wish she would do it more.

9)  Kelly is entirely capable of being both extremely genuine and an extremely good actress.

10)  For someone who doesn’t eat meat, she makes an exceptional ‘Chicken on the Bone’.


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our deal

There is a plant that has been in our kitchen since we moved here 7 years ago.

Here’s what it looked like (it’s the best I can do…):


Here’s what it looks like now:


The plant was getting very large, so about a month ago, I decided to cut it back.  But, then the plant went into shock or something because the rest of the leaves died soon after.  Apparently, that wasn’t the best idea?

The other day, Adam went to throw the plant away.  You see, he thinks it’s dead.

I, on the other hand, differ:


Do you see that green stem?  It means there is still life in there!

So, we have a little agreement.

I have until the end of the summer to get this plant thriving again.  Otherwise, he gets to throw it away.


I’m not the best gardener & I have a tendency to kill my plants.  It’s the watering (well, possibly the trimming too 😉 ).

I either water too much or too little.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I’m mean, I care about the plant and all – but unless I improve my track record, there is no way my hubby’s gonna let me get my dream garden!

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Happy Birthday Dad!


This has always been one of my favorite pictures of my dad & me.

One of the things I respect about my dad is his ability to balance work & family.  Now, we always knew that when tax season hit, he definitely had to work more.  But, he was always involved.  He’s always been my favorite soccer coach!

He’s also good about telling you when you do the right thing.  I remember my brother, Kevin, & I went over to play with one of my friends.  When we got there, my friend said Kevin had to go home because she only wanted to play with me.  Kevin got upset & started to leave.  I told my friend that if she didn’t want to play with my brother too, then I didn’t want to play with her.  So, I left.  My dad was working in our backyard at the time & when he saw us returning home, he asked, “Back so soon?”  I told him what happened & went inside the house.  I remember clearly, that he came in a moment later & pulled me aside to tell me how proud he was that I looked after my brother & that no matter what – family sticks together.

Dad, you’re a living example of what it means to stick by your family.  Thank you for the countless times you stuck by me.  It means so much to know that there is always someone on your side who believes in you, celebrates the successes & stands by you when life sends a disappointment your way.

I hope you have a wonderful day.  You should be in sunny Texas by now!  Be sure to give Lindsay a big ol’ hug & kiss from all of us.

Happy Birthday!

I love you!!

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thanks for the fun!

One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity to work with different people on various projects.

Erik, Chris & I have been working on a video for our current series, “Firm Footing in Troubled Times.”

We’re almost finished & I have to say, the collaboration has been awesome!  I love the process of working on projects, but what is even more meaningful to me, is the purpose behind them.  In whatever we do, we’re working for the Lord & helping people know Jesus.

I appreciate getting to know people better.  And the chance to laugh!  My poor little infected eye is all red now from all the burst blood vessels due to laughing so hard!  🙂

Since the three of us are only two years apart, we grew up with many of the same experiences.  Last night, we were talking about some of our favorite movies.  We all loved this little gem…

Okay all you “The Neverending Story” fans – you’re going to have to CLICK HERE to watch – they won’t let me embed the video.

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When I woke up yesterday, my left eye was swollen so badly, I could barely see out of it.  I headed to the doctor & sure enough, it’s infected.

To put it plainly – eye infections bite!

Better today.  Still swollen, but at least I don’t look like I was pummeled in a boxing match.

Not the best follow up to the “fear of going blind” post, eh?

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so, it’s been a while…

Life’s been good, but it’s also been busy.

We had the chance to take a little getaway recently!

We went with some friends to Key Lime Cove up in Gurnee.  It was such a blast!  It’s an indoor water park that has tube slides, a lazy river, a huge kids water playard, a mini playard for younger kids & a wave pool.  They do a really good job of keeping it “fun for all ages.”  We spent hours in the water park, seriously, the kids were nonstop…I have the body aches to prove it.  Our kids were so sad when it was time to go.  It’s definitely a place we’ll visit again!

Ava & I also enjoyed “Thoroughly Modern Millie” this weekend.  We knew two of the girls, Amy & Shellie, who were in the play.  They did such a good job!  I have to give a special shout out to Miss Amy, who played Millie & is one of my faithful readers… 🙂

Girl, you rocked!  When I asked Ava about some of her favorite parts, she replied, “Anything that Amy did.”

I heard a little rumor that it’s supposed to be 70° tomorrow.  I could use the sunshine & I’d love to get these windows open to let some fresh air in.

Dare I hope?


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I can see clearly now…

I have a fear of going blind.

I have many of the typical fears too – heights, the ocean (sharks, jellyfish, stingray & whatever else is floating in that water), snakes, spiders, losing one of my kids in a public area, etc.

I’ve always thought I’d go blind one day.  I don’t really have anything to base this little premonition on.  I wear glasses, but my vision isn’t horrible.  I guess it’s just one of the quirky things about me.

Ever wake up & forget where you are?

When I woke up this  morning, my vision was kinda blurry.   But as it cleared, I realized that all I could see was white.  I blinked a couple of times, but nothing changed – everything was still white.  I started to panic because I seriously thought I had gone blind!  But, at the same time I had this sick little “I was right!  I knew I’d go blind!” moment.  So while my brain was still trying to process this tragic development, and just before I called out to Adam to say ‘I told you so!’, my eyes shifted up to see Ariel and Cinderella looking back at me.  I thought, “Should I say something?”  But that would have been ridiculous, right?

Then, the haze of sleep started to wear off and I began to think clearly again.  Looking around, I remembered that I was in the guest room where all of the walls are stark white with the exception of a few Disney cutouts that Ava had hung on the wall.  The boys had fallen asleep in our bed, and it was easier for us to relocate as a result.

So, tomorrow morning if I wake up & think I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I’ll add a new fear to my list…

losing my mind!

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