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wanna pickle?

I did, until I reached in the jar.

Pulled out Pickle #1 & thought it looked a little odd.  Went to take a bite & then realized someone beat me to it.

Call it the “mom instinct” or just plain ol’ common sense, but something told me this wasn’t the first pickle victim.

Reached in for Pickle #2, & sure enough, someone did a little snacking on that one too.

Pickle #3 & Pickle #4…same story.  Seriously.

Suddenly, I didn’t want a pickle anymore.  But, I did get a good laugh.

Dear Grady,

Next time you want a pickle, just ask.  Yes, there is a chance I’ll say “no,” as I tend to use that word often.  So, I get why you decided to sneak the pickle(s).

However, the next time you pull an “Uncle Kevin”…

Finish the pickle.  Or throw it away.  Leave it on the counter for all I care.  But, don’t put it back in the jar!!!  You’d be wise to listen to your Mommy, because if this happens again, a pickle is exactly where you’re gonna find yourself.

Hugs & Kisses,




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all better

The flu passed & I’m happy to report we all survived!

It turned out to be a 24 hour bug, but let me tell you…those 24 hours blew chunks!  🙂

Of the five of us, Adam was the only man left standing.

Thankfully, Adam was able to take Friday off.  So, he had to be both “mom” and dad all day.  I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.  I don’t know what I’d do without my husband.  I’d be lost without him.

Today, the kids & I are going to the zoo.  We get season passes every year.  Now that we’re healthy again, we’re ready to get out!

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one of “those” mornings

Ever have one of those mornings where the best thing to do is simply go back to bed & wait for tomorrow?  Yeah, well…

This morning, Grady had a 7:15 appointment with the cosmetic surgeon.  So, the kids needed to be up, dressed & in the car by 6:30.  I decided to get Grady ready first.  I walked into his bedroom & the air smelt funky.  I turned on the light & found a bed full of puke.  Grady woke up, look at me with groggy eyes & muttered, “Mommy, I went hop-a-dee-a.”

hop-a-dee-a: noun Grady’s word for anything excrement related.  Inspired by the word “diarrhea.”

Luckily, Adam had not left for work yet, so he quickly gave Grady a bath while I got the other two kids ready.  We still managed to leave on time & made it to our appointment a little early.  Of course, it was raining & of course, I forgot an umbrella.  The kids at least had coats with hoods.  I was not so fortunate & got drenched before walking into the air conditioned building.

I was casually chatting with a nurse as I checked in.  All of a sudden, I heard Grady yell out, “It’s hop-a-dee-a Mommy!”  I whirled around and there stood poor Ava, puking in her hands.  The receptionist, who was a teenager, looked up and started yelling, “Oh @%$#!” over and over again.  Seriously.  I almost told her to shut it because the last thing I needed was my kids learning that word.  Instead, I frantically looked for a garbage can, but I guess they don’t keep those handy in waiting rooms.  The nurse ended up handing me the garbage can from the office, but it was too late.  The mess had already been made…oh, and did I mention that the waiting room was carpeted??

By this time, Grady was standing on his chair making sure everyone & their brother knew there was hop-a-dee-a all over the floor.  Garrett meanwhile kept trying to inspect the mess & pointed out he thought there were carrots in there.

Another nurse came out with a washcloth for Ava.  She wiped her face & her shoes.  I had a weird “mom moment” then.  I was standing there holding the garbage can while someone else was taking care of my kid.  I felt like I should be doing something to help, so I started to clean up the mess.  However, I was told that maintenance had been called to take care of it.  So, I settled for keeping track of the boys.

We sat in the waiting room until they called us back.  The seating was arranged in a U-shape.  The puke (which was now covered in a powder that smelled like oranges) was near the bottom of the “U,” so everyone positioned themselves on either side of it.  I can only imagine the internal dialogue taking place…

The nurse eventually took us back to our room.  The boys were nuts.  They kept trying to run around the tiny room, while attempting to open drawers & play with the garbage can lid.  They both got “the look” from me, but it didn’t phase them.  So, I mustered up my best “if you don’t stop it right now, you’re getting your butt whacked” look.  They didn’t even bat an eye.  Even the doctor commented about how “strong-willed” my boys were.

Thankfully, the appointment was quick.  Grady’s scar is healing & we go back in December.

We had to go back through the waiting room on our way out.  There, with his foot resting where the puke used to be, was a gentleman dressed to the nines.  I picked up Grady before he could squeak out a syllable of the word “hop-a-dee-a” and got right out of there.

I kid you not, as I write this, the song playing from “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” is “Yea!, Yea!, Yea! It’s a perfect day!  Yea, Yea! Yea!  It’s a perfect day!”

yeeeaahhhhh…I beg to differ.

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back from vacation

cancunAva just came home!

She spent the last week in Cancun with my family.  Can you believe what a lucky girl she is?  I think she’s been to Cancun 4 times in her mere 6 years!

She had a blast swimming, sunning & sipping on frozen lime daiquiris (yes, they were virgin…).  She came home with a tan & presents for everyone.  Mom & Dad – thanks for sharing this special time with Ava!

Garrett understood this year that Ava was going away.  As I packed her suitcase, he pulled out his suitcase & started packing too.  I had to explain that he was still too young to go this year, but all he did was get mad at me.  He told me he was taking the car & driving to Cancun & that I had to stay home.  I told him, “Good luck when you hit the ocean.”

Anyway, after a trip to Chuck E Cheese’s he was good.  So, just a heads up, Mom & Dad…Garrett is REALLY looking forward to traveling with you next year!  😉

Adam & I enjoyed the time we got to spend with the boys.  The family dynamic was different though.  It was obvious Ava was gone – so we were glad to get her back.

Rumor has it our daughter swims like a fish.  We’ll have to hit the pool this week, so she can show us all she can do!

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Our baby girl graduated from kindergarten today!

I can’t believe she’ll be in 1st grade come fall.  Ava is so excited to go to school all day.  She has been looking forward to bringing her lunch to school ever since we read “Strawberry Shortcake Goes to School” three years ago!

The ceremony was short & sweet.  Her teacher, Mrs. Traina, read a little poem for the kids & then their names were called individually.  Each child got to take the walk across the gymnasium floor, receive their certificate as they shook their teacher’s hand & then get a big hug from the teacher’s aide.

Both of Ava’s grandmas made the trip down to see her graduate.  Ava’s cousin, Jaidyn, also came for the big day.

Congratulations Ava!  We’re so proud of you!!

Here are some pictures from her special day…


Ava, before she received her certificate                  Our little graduate!


So proud of our girl!                                                  Ava, Grandma Bev & Grandma Paula


Ava & her cousin, Jaidyn                                            Ava & her good friend, Natasha


Ava, with her teacher, Mrs. Traina                       Ava & her teacher’s aide, Mrs. Carlton

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contusion art

Okay, so this post my turn a few of you off…especially if you’re easily grossed out.

I have this knack of bruising myself.  Yes, I will admit it here – Grady gets his accident-proness from me.

So yesterday, I looked down at my leg & I have this horrible bruise on my knee.  It’s deep purple & raised & I swear, I have absolutely no idea how I got it.

I ended up going to the doctor to have him take a look at it.  I recently started some new antibiotics & didn’t know if I was having a reaction to the medication or if I had some weird blood clot.  Luckily, it’s just a bruise.

Now, I have an odd sense of humor – especially when it comes to myself.

Hmmm…you know, I think I just leave it there, & let the next few photos testify to this…

Here is my bruise.  Isn’t it pretty?


The next few photos are also pics of my bruise.  So, maybe I was a little bored.  Maybe I was in a quirky mood.  Then again, it’s quite possible I was suffering from an antibiotic side effect…

But, this morning, I present, “The Art of Contusion”:


“Ms. Pacman”

Yes, I probably should have waited for the bruise to lighten to the appropriate shade of yellow.  But, I took this opportunity to use a bit of artistic license.



All you “Little Shop of Horrors” fans know what I’m taking about.



We saw “Up” this weekend.  It was soooo good that I just had to include it in my portfolio.  In all seriousness though, it was a great family movie.  I highly recommend it!

If anyone is interested, I do offer my services to pimp up your bruise for a small fee.

*Kids two and under are free.

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