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A Special Birthday!

us3.jpgToday, my husband, Adam, turns 32.

Adam, you are a wonderful man. You are a man of integrity and character. You take the time to not only say you care, but you show it as well. You’re not afraid to do the hard thing. You stand up for what you think is important & you stand by those you love. I respect that so much.

You are a loving husband. I trust you & the way you take care of me & our children. All those “little things” you do simply speak volumes of the kind of person you are. You never stopped wooing me! I can come home from a meeting & you have the electric blanket already turned on. You go to Indiana & bring me home chocolate truffles. You stop at a store & pick up flowers…for no reason, other than to say “I love you.” You make me laugh – it’s why I fell in love with you! Well that, and I also happen to think you’re hot! (can I say that? Sure – it’s my blog! ūüôā )

You are an amazing father. You come home from work & play with our kids. You pay attention to them & that means so much. Oh, if you only knew how much they look forward to seeing you! Every time Payton barks after it gets dark, they all run to the door saying, “Daddy!” You build snowmen with Ava, even when the last thing you want to do is freeze outside! You wrestle with Garrett & let him do the horrible “butt drop.” You chase Grady & he lights up. In fact, he walks around with my cell phone going, “Da-Da! Da-Da!” They simly adore you!

I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it & I love that we get to go through all of life’s joys & trials together.

Happy Birthday Took!

I love you!


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A Night at Chuck E Cheese’s

My parents came up to visit us yesterday & we¬†headed to Chuck E Cheese’s for some family fun!

Note: NEVER go there on the weekend – boy, was it crowded!

Here are a few highlights of our evening:


avaadam.jpgHere’s Ava & her daddy playing “Star Wars”

It was pretty intense…



Garrett & Grandpa Dave



garhammer1.jpgGarrett loved the “Whack a Mole” game!



kelscore.jpgOkay, I admit it…

I am a Skee-Ball FANATIC – I love this game!

I got my all time high score…41,000!!!


garthrow1.jpgHere’s how I got it…

I’m totally kidding! My score was legit




 Grady enjoying the salad bar




 Grady & Grandma Bev




Having fun on the slide




Having fun together

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Mix Match

Ava usually does a good job picking out her own clothes.

Apparently, she was feeling extra “colorful” today!

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For Good

This phrase has been coming up a lot recently. My friend, Dennis, took his wife, Kim & their daughter, Shellie to see Wicked this week for Kim’s birthday. It’s so funny – we’ve been talking about this musical for a long time without ever going into specifics (I’d seen the musical, he’d only listened to the soundtrack about a million times). It was nice to finally have that conversation where we could talk about all the “surprises!”

sunrise.jpg“For Good” is one of my favorite songs. There is a line that goes, “because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” Every time I sing along with this, I get choked up. You see, that is something personally that I desire so strongly. I want to have that effect on the people in my life & I want them to have that effect on me.

I want to be able to say I am a better person because of the friendships in my life & vice versa. I want my friendships to be about not only loving the other person for who they are, but helping each other grow in a good way.

I also think about eternity when I listen to this song. Our time here is so fleeting. Because someone took the time to share God’s love with me when I was younger, I have been changed – for good.

I have a desire rooted deep in my heart to serve my God, & to help grow his Kingdom. I try so hard to be a living example of God’s love. I know I fall short, but I just keep thinking that if my thoughts stay focused on Him, then He alone will do good things through me. And if one day, when I’m standing in heaven, I am able to embrace a fellow sister or brother because they knew me…

Let us love one another.

Let us forgive one another.

Let us change one another – for good.

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This is just too funny! I had to share it:

Ava has really been into making snowflakes lately. She makes about 7 a day & hangs them all over our house. They are taped on my pot rack, on the pantry door, the walls, etc.

I vaguely remember making snowflakes in school. So, when she asked me to show her how to make them, I recalled as best I could.

Here’s an example of a snowflake she made the way I showed her:




Last night, while I was at worship practice, Ava & Adam made snowflakes.

Here’s an example of a snowflake her daddy made:




Needless to say, Ava’s jaw dropped when she beheld her daddy’s work of art!

I think I need a refresher course in snowflake making…

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Another Birthday!

linz2.jpgMy little sister, Lindsay, turned 25 on Saturday!

We all got to have dinner with her, her boyfriend, Steve, her good friend, Rachel, & my parents. The kids actually behaved all through dinner – who could ask for a better present?

Linz, I love you. You are such a joy to our family. You have that natural way of making people feel good about themselves. I admire how quick you are to build another person up. You pay attention to the little things & know that they matter. I can’t tell you how many times Ava has been excited over getting a card from you & loving that you remembered to give her a sticker. Life is sweet baby girl, because there are people like you in it! Remember that.

Hey, guess what? You get to rent a car now!

Happy Birthday Aunt lele!

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Sweet Dreams

moon.jpgOne of my good friends just asked me last night:

“What is something you never dreamed you’d love about being a mom?”

So, I’ve decided to give little examples here & there, as opposed to one long post.


Last night, Grady woke up around 2 am. I let him cry for a bit, hoping he’d fall back asleep.

No luck.

I then gave him a bottle and went back to bed.

He continued to cry.

I was exhausted from a very long week – all I wanted to do was sleep!

But, I got back up & went to his room again.

He was standing in his crib & when he saw me, he smiled and said, “ut, ut!” (up, up).


I never dreamed how much I would love rocking my baby at 2 am.

I never dreamed how feeling a little heartbeat against my chest would move me.

I never dreamed how much I would love having him fall asleep in my arms & just be amazed at watching him simply breathe.

I never dreamed that someone who used to fit inside of me, will one day be taller than me.

I never dreamed how complex time can be. How years can fly by & yet, how moments like these seem to last forever. 

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