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think about it…

“Those who sanctify time and give time away – who treat time as a gift and not possession – have time in abundance. Contrariwise, those who guard every minute, resent every interruption, ration every moment, never have enough. They’re always late, always behind, always scrambling, always driven. There is, of course, a place for wise management of our days and weeks and years. But management can quickly turn into rigidity. We hold time so tight we crush it, like a flower closed in the fist. We thought we were protecting it, but all we did was destroy it.”

~ Mark Buchanan


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I (heart) the 80s

I went to my first Mother/Son dance!

Garrett’s school hosted an 80s rock theme dance. We had a fun evening together at the dance followed by a dinner date.

We were both decked out. Well, okay, okay, maybe I was a little more ornate than he was. I found one of Ava’s dress-up tulle skirts, so I threw it on over a pair of leggings. When Garrett first saw me, he told me he wanted to wear his Christmas clothes (nice shirt and sweater combo) because I looked like a “beautiful ballerina.” However, once he saw my fence net tights, combat boots, big hair and jewelry, he was totally game for a big hairdo himself. We popped the collar of his shirt and after pairing it with jeans, he was all set to go.

We arrived to the dance on time (a first for any date I’ve been on :)). As we made our way toward the school entrance, I couldn’t help but notice the garb on another mom in the parking lot: jeans and a sweatshirt. I had a slight sinking feeling in my stomach as my mind quickly flashed to the scene from Legally Blonde where Elle attends, what she thought was a costume party, in a bunny suit. Unfortunately for her, the rest of the crowd was in regular clothes. Ahhh – the last thing I wanted to do was embarrass my boy! However, thankfully, once we entered the gym we encountered many neon-colored, rockadelic moms. Whew!

There was a photo booth set up in the gym. I loved the photo strip idea and the fact that we got our pictures right away was a bonus. We enjoyed Dippin’ Dots, played games and had a good time with friends. FUN night!!

After leaving the dance, we headed over to Red Lobster (his favorite). Ha – you should have seen some of the looks we got from the waiting customers! I didn’t care…and neither did Garrett. We held hands as we walked to our table and he talked about Legos all through dinner. **Mental note: Garrett would like the Lunar Limo with Brick Daddy and Squid Man for Christmas…

Here are a couple pics from our night…

Mother and Son

We both have hair that just begs for an 80s comeback: thick and long. It’s been awhile since I’ve used a pick. I’m thankful I still had one! I honestly think I used just about an entire can of hairspray on us…

My favorite accessory: fingerless lace gloves – too fun!

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Dear Ava…

Ava enjoys writing me letters and making me cards. This was one I received from her the day I got back from our latest visit to Tennessee. Adam and the kids made it home a day ahead of me. I stayed behind so we could have an inspection done on our new home. It had been a stressful evening, since I was on a tiny plane with only around 25 other people. It was pouring, thundering and lightning while my plane sat on the runway preparing for take-off. The turbulence on the way up was terrible, but thankfully, it didn’t last too long. I remember just praying, “Lord, please let me make it home okay.”

Her letter was a sweet way to end the trip…



I like to write her letters back, but she can’t read this one just yet. But, I can let the rest of you in on what’s been on my mind…


Dear Ava,

Yes, I did have a safe trip. I missed you while I was away, but I’ve been very busy dreaming about what our new home will look like. You don’t know it yet, but I’ve been spending much time designing your NEW room! I know you want to go with a “beach” theme and I love it. I have a few ideas I can’t wait to try. Guess what? I think I know what we can do with all the shells you’ve collected from Cancun over the years! Thankfully, there are people who helped inspire me with their ideas on what your bedroom will look like when finished. Grandma Bev has already found lots of cool items to deck out your room. Also, one of my best friends, Dana, had a brilliant idea for your window treatment (she actually did the same thing in Kennedy’s room!). I can’t wait to get started!

Your daddy and I have another surprise for you and your brothers. We’re getting you a new playset! Mommy has been spending much time online looking at various designs and going through catalogs trying to find an awesome set for you, Garrett and Grady. If all goes as planned, it will be installed and ready for you to play on the day we move in. I just know you’re going to love it!

I love you so much!



P.S. – I think you’re pretty too!  🙂

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look who lost his first tooth!

Happy Boy!

At our last dentist visit, I was told Garrett needed to have his baby tooth pulled. His permanent tooth was already coming up, but unless the baby tooth came out, there’d be no room for his new tooth to move forward. And unfortunately, since there was still half a root attached to the tooth, it wasn’t very wiggly.

“Great,” I thought. I mean, who wants to lose their first tooth that way? I still remember finding mine in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while watching the cartoon, “Underdog.”

The dentist said she’d give it three weeks, but unless the tooth came out, she’d have to extract it.

Now, if this was Ava we were talking about, that girl would have had the tooth gone by the time we got home. I swear, the minute any tooth in her mouth shows the slightest sign of wiggability, she starts yanking.

Garrett, on the other hand, didn’t try at all to loosen his tooth. In fact, when I’d ask him how it was doing, he kept putting his fingers around the wrong tooth.

So, yesterday we made the dreaded trip back to the dentist office. Actually, I was the one dreading the visit. He had no idea what was going to happen. I debated on telling him, but thought better of it. I think I just would have ended up freaking him out. Instead, I told him the dentist was going to check his loose tooth and if he was lucky, then maybe, just maybe, it would come out. And how cool would that be because that means the TOOTH FAIRY would come.

He bought it.

Our visit went really well. He made it through the Novocaine shot with few tears. I kept describing the awesome ice cream cone we were getting as soon as we were done. The dentist apparently wanted to one-up my offer and exclaimed, “Don’t you know? When the dentist pulls a tooth, the tooth fairy gives you extra money!” I almost blurted out, “No, she gives gold coins in our house…not dollars!” But, at that point, I think all Garrett really wanted was other people’s hands out of his mouth.

After everything was done, we headed over to Baskin Robbins to celebrate: oreo cookie cone for him, mint chip for me.

He was very excited when he went to bed last night.

I can’t wait to see his face this morning!

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Tennessee Home

These past two weeks have been nuts!

We were in Tennessee for a week (I stayed a bit longer…) looking for our new home. And I am delighted to announce that after a week of seeing over 40 homes, we did find one!


We plan on closing on our new home at the end of the month.  We’re still on schedule to close on our current home at the end of next month. I am thankful for the transition time, so I can do some updating in the new home before we move in.

Many people have asked, “So, when do you actually move?”

Well, here’s what I know today: the kids are in school until June 6th, so I’ll definitely be here with them until then. But, at this point, I think their last day of school will be our last day here. I’ve talked to our pastor, Dennis, to let him know the outdoor service on June 5th be our last service (of course, I understand that nothing is set in stone, so dates can change).

Last week was hard. Everything is moving much faster than I originally thought. I planned on remaining in the area through the end of summer. Now, we’re most likely moving in 8 weeks. At times, it’s hard to wrap my arms around that time frame.

This verse continues to pierce my heart:

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”  ~Proverbs 16:9

As hard as it is to say goodbye and as much as separation hurts, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our time to move is soon.

I did want to share a few pictures of the house. They’re mostly of the outside and of our wonderful view. The interior needs some updating & I’ll post some before/after shots throughout the summer.


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