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That’s a wrap

Well, we have finished all of Ava’s birthday celebrations.

We had a wonderful time sharing her special day (well, days…) with family, friends & schoolmates!

Her slumber party was a blast!  Unfortunately, two of Ava’s friends ended up getting sick that day, so they couldn’t join us (we missed you Hannah & Anicka!).  We ended up having 11 girls over for pizza & fun.  We decorated tiaras, frosted & “sprinkled” cupcakes & danced to “High School Musical 1 & 2.”  Those girls can really move!

We had 7 girls spend the night.  Adam covered the family room floor with mattresses, where the girls set up their sleeping bags & pillows.  We made hot cocoa with marshmellows & whipped cream & then settled down to watch “Enchanted.”  I kinda figured they would all fall asleep during the movie.


I think the majority of the group fell asleep by 12:30.  Ava & another friend though, stayed up until 2:30!  I slept in the family room with the girls in case they woke up in the middle of the night scared or needing something.  Thankfully, once they did fall asleep, they stayed asleep.  So, we did didn’t have to make any middle-of-the night phone calls to parents.

The girls were up at 6 the next morning & were starving by 7.  We made pancakes, cinnamon rolls & bacon.  Then, they colored, painted & played throughout the morning until all the parents arrived.

The girls were really good.  They were polite & respectful & such a sweet group.  It took Adam & I all of Saturday to recover…

Garrett is already asking when his birthday is!


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It’s okay to answer the phone

Ever lost your cell phone?

I have a couple of times now.  I always have the same reaction.  I’m usually in my car, reaching down into the cup holder, only to find an empty space.  Then that little sinking feeling starts to swell in my stomach as I look under & in between the seats, all the while, beginning to mentally retrace my steps.

Guess who lost her phone yesterday?

BUT, before you start to feel too bad for me… 😉

I did eventually found it.  Hence the title of this post.

I had a bunch of errands to run after worship practice last night.  I did some shopping at the first store, then headed to the next place.  I realized my phone was gone as I was leaving my car.  Now, I answer the calls on our mobile church phone, so luckily I had that with me.  I called my personal phone & when I didn’t hear my POG ring, I knew I either left it in the other store or it’s parking lot.

So, I kept calling my phone hoping someone would answer.  But, no luck.  The store I needed to go to closed at 9, so I had 12 minutes to get back there & it was a 10 minute drive.  Thankfully, I made every light & pulled in the parking lot 8 minutes later.

I quickly scanned the ground, but didn’t see my phone.  I went to the store entrance & had no sooner walked in, when one of the employees said, “Hey, you left your phone!  Yeah, someone’s been calling it a couple of times, so we put it straight to voicemail.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “it was me trying to find my phone.”

“Ohhhh,” came the employee’s response.  (I love when you can practically see the lightbulb come on over their head…)


If you find a cell phone – answer it!  Take it from a chronic phone misplacer – it’s okay, we want you to!  Besides, if it’s not the actual person calling, it’s probably someone they know, who could pass along the info of where their missing phone is.

Happy calling answering!

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For Ava

Happy Birthday Ava Grace!!!

You came into our lives six years ago at 5:32 pm and changed our entire world.  You mean so much to me & I love who you are!

I love your heart & the way you show compassion for others.  I love your spirit & the way you never back down from a challenge.  You make me think!  The questions you ask are innocent, yet thought-provoking.  More often, I find myself saying.  “Hmmmm, we’ll have to ask Daddy about that one.”  You are so creative, imaginative & yes…dramatic!  I love dressing up with you & pretending to be princesses.  You are very sweet to your friends & care a great deal about them.  You are courageous & I am so proud of the way you look out for your brothers.  You are a blessing to our family & I couldn’t hope for a more special daughter.  You are amazing!

Being your Mommy is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I am overwhelmed that God entrusted me with you & I promise to always be there for you.

My prayer for you is you’ll continue to see God’s hand on your life each day.  And with the guidance of your family, friends & teachers, you’ll grow into the lovely woman God designed you to be.

I love you so much,


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I’ve started decorating the house for autumn.  We’ve officially begun my favorite time of year!  Here are some of my highlights of the season:

  • The colors – I know…everyone knew this was coming, but seriously, I love walking through parks & simply gaze at the trees.  It’s an instant pick-me-up!
  • Caramel apples – well, anything caramel for that matter!  Caramel & autumn go hand-in-hand, in my opinion, so I find myself baking with it more.
  • Thanksgiving – we love getting together with our families & sharing this time together.  The food is always great & we intentionally talk about all we we are grateful for & thank God for it.
  • My porch – I look forward to decorating it every year!  I buy hay bales, cornstalks, mums & pumpkins.  Then I pull out the scarecrows, the autumn wreath & have at it!
  • Football – did your jaw just drop?  Adam’s probably did!  Adam loves, loves, loves the Bears.  I try to learn about the things he’s really into, so I can enjoy it with him.  It helps that I understand the game better each year.  This year I learned what a “tight-end” is…it’s not what I initially thought 😉
  • The weather – okay, Indian summer days are the best!  I love it when it’s too warm for a coat, but just enough nip in the air for a sweater.  Perfect.
  • Apple orchards – we head to Rockford every autumn to go apple picking.  The kids love it & so do I!  We get to ride tractors out to the orchards & typically end up with two heaping baskets of apples.  After the orchards, we head to the farm where we get apple cider doughnuts fresh from the oven.  They’re amazing!
  • Halloween – we love dressing up!  Last year we did a “Wizard of Oz” theme as a family.  You can check out last Halloween’s photos here, here, here, here, here and here.  This year we’re probably doing individual costumes, but we’ll see.  Ava talks a lot about doing a “Peter Pan” theme, but she wanted me to be Tinkerbell.  I told her I would do the blond wig in a heartbeat, but she is out of her mind if she thinks I’m walking around in tights!  So, she said she will be Tinkerbell & I can be Wendy.  I was kinda looking forward to dressing up as Captain Hook myself…
  • Apple pie – it’s the only time of the year I make it & I bake a pretty mean pie!!

How about you?  Anything special autumn things you do or look forward to?

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Gearing up for another big week!

Yesterday, was amazing!

We did it!  We had our first service at Channahon Junior High School.  I can’t put into words what yesterday meant.  I remember a friend telling me once (on my wedding day) to close my eyes & take a breath each time I was in a moment I wanted to remember.  I took that advice to heart again yesterday.  When we got on the platform for the first time and began our first song, I was so overwhelmed by seeing everyone who was there!  I closed my eyes & took a breath – I forever want to remember this launch team who is ready to glorify God at SouthField.  I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.  We are stepping up & out to who God is calling us to be, what He is calling us to do & where He is calling us to go.  There was an energy in the room that was electrifying & I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

Later that afternoon, my parents, Grandma Rita, Kevin, Heather, Pete & Carol came over to celebrate Ava’s birthday (her actual birthday is on Wednesday).  We had such a fun day!  Ava was so excited to open her presents & Mom brought an awesome cake!  Unfortunately, the Bears lost (booo!), but there’s nothing better than hangin with familiy.  Seems like those times are becoming more few & far inbetween as the kids get older.  So, we enjoy every chance we get to be together.

We’ll spend this evening with Adam’s family & we are really looking forward to it!  We’ll celebrate not only Ava’s birthday, but Papa Randy’s too.  I love Mexican food & we’re heading to Chipotle – I can’t wait for the burrito bowl.  Should be a fun day!!

I already mentioned it, but it deserves mentioning again…


She is so excited!  She came to our bed this morning telling me “only two more days!”  She is the “Star of the Week” at school & we’ve had a great time coloring her special poster & gathering pictures.  On Wednesday, I get to go to her class to read them one of Ava’s favorite books.  I’m looking forward to sharing that time with her.

Friday, Ava is having her birthday/slumber party.  We have invited 14 of her friends!!  I keep hearing that I’m nuts & I won’t disagree.  However, we’re really excited.  We’ve been promising Ava a slumber party since the summer, so we decided to skip Chuck E Cheese’s this year & have a party at home.

Well, time to get out of bed & begin this week.


I can’t wait!!

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too funny!

I have to give kudos to Matt H. for this one!

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We had our final service as The Church of Rock Run at 714 Bethel Drive this past Sunday.

This weekend we start our new chapter as SouthField Community Church at Channahon Junior High School & I CANNOT WAIT!!!  So many people have worked so hard – I am excited to see how we will continue to glorify God in this next step of our journey together.

So, even though it rained…and rained…and then rained some more this past weekend, I really enjoyed our indoor picnic.  Thank you to everyone who helped out!

I have to give an extra special shout-out to the Bieker group!  Together, we brainstormed, organized & put together everything that happened.  We got to spend Saturday baking the desserts & making all the sandwiches.  It was such a blast!  You can just tell this is a group who enjoys being together.  Oh, and for those who don’t know…never, ever stick a spatula in a mixing bowl while it’s on.  Just trust me on this one…

John, Sue, Matt, Natalie, Coleen, Jeff, Jen & Josh – you guys are amazing!  I’m going to miss our flurry of emails – my inbox has quieted down this week!  Thank you so much for your time & talents.  I appreciate every single one of you!!!

And Jeff – thanks again for the pics!

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