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I Done Good…


Have you all heard of these things?

I looked them up this morning & according to their website, a webkinz is “the stuffed animal that comes alive online in Webkinz World.”


Ava went to a birthday party yesterday & she was given a Webkinz as a party favor.

Now, yesterday, I didn’t know anything about Webkinz. But, apparently kids really like them!

Ava knew that her Webkinz (which is a little white terrier that she named Sharpay) had something to do with the computer. She was looking forward to playing with it all day. I gave Adam the job of figuring this one out!

Anyway, she & Adam went downstairs to “play,” when suddenly I heard Ava howling.

She came upstairs & in her most serious voice, with tears in her eyes, she said, “Mommy I cannot play with my very first Webkinz.”

So, I’m thinking, “What did you say to your Daddy?” However, instead I simply asked, “Why?”

Apparently, there is a code on the tag of the stuffed animal. Neither she nor I knew any better, so when she took the tag off & threw it away, we didn’t think anything of it.

Here’s the thing…

She threw it away at church.

She then reminded me once more that this was her very first Webkinz – it was a sad moment!

I figured there was a good chance that the garbage had not been changed since we were there that afternoon. I quietly told Adam I was going to check, but asked him not to say anything to Ava just in case…

So, I headed over to the church at 8:30 last night & when I checked the room she was playing in, I found the missing tag.


I went home & showed Ava the found tag. She was so excited & I got a huge hug from my little girl!

You know, there are days when I think, “Wow, I really blew the ‘Mom’ thing today.”

But then there are days like yesterday!


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Mommy’s Little Helper, part 2

Grady’s new favorite hangout is the silverware drawer.

He gets a chair from the kitchen table & drags it across the floor the drawer. Oh yeah – he’s quite the little problem solver. Speaking of problems…believe me, I’m getting a lock for the drawer. Between the forks & the knives – oh my word, I know this new form of “enjoyment” is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Anyway, he likes the spoons. I used to think he liked them because he typically grabs a spoon & a pie tin, then bangs away. Today, though I discovered that he enjoys licking them & then putting them back. I don’t even want to think about all the “used” utensils the rest of us have had the privilege to use! YUCK!!

So, why is he my little helper?

Well, Grady has figured out how to unlock the dishwasher. He pulled out all the spoons, which were dirty of course & put them into the silverware drawer. Now, I don’t want to discourage his initiative. On the other hand, his daddy wasn’t too happy when he went to get a spoon! 😉

All this goes to say…

If you come over to our house, it’s probably a good idea to stick with the plastic ware for now!

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Just Like His Uncle

It was getting close to dinner time, so when Garrett asked for a snack I told him, “No, we’re going to eat soon.”

I then went upstairs to put the laundry away.

The doorbell rang & as I went to answer it, I noticed my dining room centerpiece moving.

I glanced back, & sure enough, there was Garrett, sitting on the table, hiding behind the flowers with the bowl of grapes!

I had to laugh – Kevin did the same thing when he was younger too. Only he used to sneak pieces of American cheese & hide behind the couch! My mom would ask him if he was eating cheese & he would deny it – silly boy though, would forget to hide the plastic wrapper – instant giveaway!

You’ll need to teach him the error of your ways Kevin if he wants to be a master snack sneaker!

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There is a little trick I like to play on my kids.

If I ask them to do something (i.e. pick up their toys, put the pillows on their bed, put their shoes in the closet, etc…), I am usually met with an “Awww Mom, can’t you do it?”

So, I’ll tell them, “Let’s see how fast you can do it. I’ll count.”

Instant change!

Suddenly, they’re racing around, doing whatever it was I asked. They can’t wait to hear how “fast” they went. My favorite part is when I get distracted & stop counting. I’ll hear a little voice at the top of the stairs go, “MOMMY, you’re not counting!” It’s so funny!

Kevin, Lindsay & I used to do the same thing to Brandon. We’d count real slow & go, “1…1 1/2…1 3/4…” He loved thinking that he made it up the stairs & back down again in 3 seconds!

I was mulling over this whole counting game & it struck me how a little change in perspective can alter your attitude. In the example with my kids, things they don’t want to do seem less of a “chore” when I put a little fun in it.

I can think of so many instances in my own life where I need this little change in perspective.

Let’s just start with the obvious…


We all know that this is not one of my, well, let’s just say, favorite things to do. I’m sorry, but I hate scrubbing toilets!

And, you know what?

That’s exactly what I’m thinking when I do it! While scrubbing, my internal monologue is usually filled with, “I hate doing this” or “This is gross.” My focus is on the things I don’t like about toilet cleaning.

Now, I’m not suggesting that anyone start up the counting game when it comes time to toilet clean. Though that would be funny, wouldn’t it? I can just imagine Adam coming home one day with Ava going, “1…1 1/2…” while I’m racing from bathroom to bathroom! 🙂

What I am thinking though, is that I need to do a little reframing when it comes to doing the things I don’t enjoy. To continue with the example of housework – instead of focusing on what I don’t like about it, I need to see it as a way of taking care of the things I have been blessed with.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe there is a scrubber I need to get…

Have a great day!!

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Still Missing

This missing camera is driving me crazy!

Today is “Wacky Wednesday” at Ava’s preschool. The kids are supposed to dress really silly. She looks hilarious & I can’t take a picture!

I’ve been looking for the camera for almost 2 months now.

So, is it time to buy another one or do we keep hoping it’s going to turn up?

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Too Early

Remember how the kids slept in until 9:00 yesterday?

Not today.

My neighbor is having the roof & all the siding of their house replaced.

The workers are out banging away by 7:30 am!

Instant alarm clock…

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It’s finally here!!

We spent the afternoon outside yesterday & the kids had a great time. Even better, they slept until 9:00 am this morning! Booyah!!

So far, all my plants are coming back. You have to understand that this is huge! I’m a horrible gardener. I love it, but I have a talent for killing my plants (just ask my mom). That, and they usually fall victim to the treacherous bunnies…

I have all of my windows open & Adam put in the screen, so I can keep my back door open. I just love a breeze going through the house (well, except when it knocks all the papers off the counter!). I have a lilac bush in the front yard & when it’s in full bloom, it’s fills our home with a heavenly aroma. It’s budding now, so hopefully it will flower in a few weeks.

We’re getting the grill ready today, so we can start using it tonight. I don’t know about you, but I love cooking corn on the cob on the grill. It’s so sweet & juicy – yum!

And for dessert?

Strawberry Shortcake!

Hope you all have a great day!!

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